Beard Collection

£62.75 £47.05 25% off
  • Refreshing & Cooling  
  • Barber Grade Quality 
  • Citrus & Mint Leaf
  • Beard Softening 
  • Reduces Beard Itch

Beard boldly; relieve itch, style, tame, wash & condition with our refreshing and cooling range of beard essentials.

Our exclusive blend of premium cooling ingredients is designed to leave your beard feeling extra cool and refreshed - with a uniquely satisfying tingle.

  • Save 20% with our Beard Collection
  • Cooling beard oil - Softens beard to reduce itch
  • Cooling beard wash & softener - Deeply cleans and conditions without stripping natural oils
  • Cooling beard & scruff cream - Moisturizes and softens stubble, scruff and beards
  • Beard Brush - Ideal for grooming, shaping and styling beards of all lengths
  • Beard Comb - Designed to prevent snags and static
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